Orthodontic Services


Extract or not extract – that is the question!


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Standard Ceph Order

• We trace for you
• Wits, Steiner, McNamara Jefferson, Downs and more
• Cephalometric analysis is an integral part of orthodontic patient standard of care


$25.00 per ceph

Advanced Ceph Order

  • Orthodontic diagnosis by a practicing orthodontist with over 26 years of experience
  • Includes cephalometric tracing

$150 per ceph

Treatment Plan Order

• Orthodontic diagnosis
• The plan along with estimated treatment time, elastic recommendations,
pitfalls/warnings and retention recommendations by a practicing orthodontist

$350 per patient

Standard Ceph Order Subscription

• Everything from Standard Ceph Order, and
• Up to 30 cephs monthly, and
• OpenDental Integration
• Ideal for DSOs and orthodontic practices with multiple locations


$450 per month