Why AnalyzeCeph?

Tracing cephs is like taking notes, no one likes it, but it is an integral part of patient record.

Insurance claims

Attach ceph tracings to medically necessary orthodontic cases to get approved.


Tiered level of support

Choose the level of support you need: be it just the cephalometric tracing, a second opinion for orthodontic diagnosis or a treatment plan.

Secure cloud storage

We store your patient data securely in industry-standard storage infrastructure.

Patient & Practitioner Information

Information is anonymized before being worked on.

From practicing professionals

You will receive a thorough orthodontic deliverable from practicing professionals.

Trusted. Accessible. Efficient.

We didn’t set out to create another service, we wanted to create a whole solution.

Our orthodontist and dentist consultants have your patient’s orthodontic needs in mind.

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